Outline - Integrated Vision Research Center


In the system dynamics elucidation project of retinal circuit and visual response control, Young vision researchers from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Life Science and Science and Engineering at Ritsumeikan University gathered, From a multilateral perspective Hybrid medicine of regenerative medicine and artificial organ, We aim to visual reconstruction by artificial retina preparation and retinal revitalization.

In the aging society, regeneration of lost “vision” is one of the most important tasks.
We are aiming at visual reconstruction by artificial retina preparation and retinal regeneration, and we think that information on retinal circuit and visual response is necessary to obtain natural perception. In addition to industry-government-academia collaborative research such as collaborative research promoting this project, distribution of research information such as academic societies, symposium of internationally renowned foreign and domestic researchers is held to promote collaboration among industry, government and academia I will.

Possible research and development in this project (industry-academia-government collaboration)

Creation of simulation model, retinal histochemical analysis, creation of artificial vision model, approach to genetically modified animals

Research Areas to Promote

  1. Visual response control mechanism analysis and simulation model creation
    Visual behavior analysis using various animal models. Simulation model creation of retinal circuit and visual response
  2. Reconstruction of artificial vision
    Create an artificial device based on the model (verify whether biological function is reflected)
  3. Exploring the possibility of visual reconstruction by Hybrid Medical Care of Regenerative Medicine and Artificial Organs

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